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  • July 12, 2021 7:59 AM | Carolyn Rogers (Administrator)

    Home and Business Inventory

    Contributor:Tina Taylor, NAPO Georgia Member

    Why is a home or business inventory important? And how do you complete one?

    You may have asked yourself why doing a home or business inventory is important or not. Every year, thousands of home and business owners face natural (or man-made) disasters that devastate their property. The clean-up of these types of situations is not the only immediate matter to handle after experiencing a situation like this. Having a home or business inventory is vital to filing insurance claims and regaining your life post disaster. 

    Without an adequate inventory of the contents of your home or business, it could take months to pull everything together. This can delay your ability to file a claim with insurance. 

    Those who do have a thorough record (i.e. inventory) of their belongings can file their initial claim within 24 to 36 hours. Beyond disaster recovery, a thorough inventory can be useful in a variety of other situations, including:

    • Estate planning and settlement

    • Moving and storage

    • Financial planning

    • Prenuptial agreements

    • Separation of assets/divorce

    • Supporting documentation for tax deductions for uninsured losses

    A good insurance policy covers the cost of replacing the contents in your home or business. Before you can receive the funds, however, most insurance companies require a detailed list of what was damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Could you recall every item? Do you know the manufacturers, model numbers, and serial numbers of your electronics and appliances? In the event of a disaster, the itemized list of contents and supporting photographs created by a nationally certified inventory professional will simplify and expedite the claims process. According to the National Insurance Industry, policyholders who have a thorough inventory received faster results when filing a claim and received greater settlements. 

    A typical inventory combines image documentation and an itemized written report. All the information is compiled into a professionally assembled portfolio.

    • Image documentation- Digital photos include exterior and interior views. We provide full-room views as well as close-up photographs of specific items.

    • Written report- Organized by room, the descriptions include manufacturers, model numbers, serial numbers, and other identifying information when available.

    • The portfolio- You will receive both a printed and electronic version of your information.

    • Secure backup- Your report is stored on a secure, encrypted server at an offsite location. In the event of a disaster, we furnish you with a copy of your inventory if yours is not available. We also provide a copy for the police or your insurance agent upon your request, at no additional charge.

    An average inventory takes a team of two approximately one hour onsite for every 1,000 square feet. Additional time might be required for collection documentation.

    “How do I keep my inventory current?” Insurance companies suggest inventories remain current. We provide a variety of services to assist you.  Annual update and backup renewal: By retaining your records on our online backup service, we can help you keep your inventory current. You can send us photos and descriptions via email, and we will add that information to your current records. The first year of online backup is included in your initial service.  Re-inventory for major updates: This includes a new flash drive and another year of backup service.

    Investing in an inventory now means not having to spend valuable time later when you are under the stress caused by dealing with a disaster. When considering an investment in a personal property inventory, take into account the value of your possessions. Just one forgotten item on an insurance claim can often cost more than our professional documentation. For a residential inventory, the average price is 25 cents per living area square foot, which equates to a $500 cost for a 2,000-square-foot home.  Pricing is based on the size of the area to be documented and estimates are provided free of charge. 

    Committed to exceptional customer service, Home and Business Inventory Consultants (HBIC) are nationally certified home inventory professionals.  Security of client information is a priority from the first phone call through compilation of the final portfolio. All documentation used in preparing your inventory will be shredded.  Every project is backed by a Confidentiality Guarantee. Additionally, we are bonded and insured. 

    The most important question you need to ask yourself if you are considering whether to commit to an inventory with Home & Business Inventory Consultants is: Can I picture my home or business without an inventory?  

    For more information visit  https://hbic.solutions/ or connect with Tina today via phone at 770-235-1393.

  • July 02, 2021 2:51 PM | Carolyn Rogers (Administrator)

    by NAPO Blog


    79% of homeowners desire more garage storage space, according to the Woodworking Network. From gardening tools, to the kid’s toys to storing holiday decorations, homeowners are struggling to store everything due to the lack of garage storage space. Support your clients storage goals by supplying them with these six easy steps to garage perfection from the experts, Organized Living

    1. Start with a clean slate.

    Take everything out of the garage and decide what will stay and what will go. Grab some bins to collect everything that doesn’t belong in the garage, and find its proper home. This will allow you to utilize the space in the garage more productively.

    2. Purge.

    Old cleats? Rusty gardening tools? Pitch, sell, or donate. As you go through items good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it! By minimizing what is actually stored in the garage, it will be easier to create a decluttered, serene space.  

    3. Create a storage plan.

    After you’ve cleared out the garage and purged, it’s time to create a storage game plan. Divide the garage into zones: sports, gardening, camping, etc., and categorize the items. Find a place for miscellaneous items that you plan on keeping in your garage. Rather than allowing items to pile in the corner, include them in your storage plan. 

    4. Think vertically with freedomRail Garage. 

    Maximize vertical wall space with the adjustable freedomRail Garage system. When designing,think about convenience and frequency of use. If you are using an item more often, keep it at eye level instead of high up. Keep light items high up and heavy items down low to avoid potential injury while accessing tools. Make sure to leave 24” of clear walkway space around vehicles.

    5. Create a dropzone.

    Stop the clutter before it enters your home by providing a place for your shoes and coats. Creating a handy place to hang your coats and bags when walking in the door can ease the transition between the home and the rest of your day. 

    6. Maintain.

    As the seasons change, so do your priorities. Continue to reorganize the garage every season to ensure your predominant needs are met. Plus it stops the mess from getting out of hand! 

    An organized garage will add function and ease to your client’s daily routine. Providing them with these 6 simple steps will allow your clients to have a more functional garage space that they can finally be proud of and use! 




    Read original post HERE

  • June 10, 2021 10:25 PM | Carolyn Rogers (Administrator)

    NAPO Georgia member David McDonough serves on our Board of Directors as the Business Partnership Director. David has been an active member with NAPO since 2013. 

    When joining NAPO’s Georgia chapter he knew it was an investment in his career, but he has gained in more ways than he could imagine. 

    “I have been honored to be brought in to work with the clients of fellow NAPO members. This has been extremely valuable to my business, and I have enjoyed all the new friendships I have made along the way!”

    David is a problem solver and has been in the photography organizing business for more than a decade. His company, Modern Image in Marietta, was founded after Hurricane Katrina. Witnessing the devastation and impact the storm had on peoples’ most valuable memories and digital assets is what inspired him to start his business.

    Modern Image provides clients several options for protecting their data, such as document scanning, document storage, file organization, document management software, document shredding, photo scanning, photo organizing, media conversion, book scanning and more!

    If you or your business are working on going paperless you definitely need to check out Modern Image in Marietta.

    David thoroughly enjoys protecting people from the effects of losing their data and has enjoyed being a part of the Marietta, Georgia, professional organizing community.

    Learn more about David and how he can be an asset to your business. Visit hiswebsite or send him a message for more information. 

    We are grateful for David’s commitment to NAPO! 

  • May 28, 2021 7:49 AM | Carolyn Rogers (Administrator)

    bNeat Organizing

    Brenda Wagman has been a professional member of NAPO Georgia since 2015. She is currently serving her third year on the Board as Membership Director. If you are considering joining or have recently joined NAPO Georgia, you have likely interacted with her!

    After practicing audiology for many years in Toronto, Canada, Brenda relocated to New York. Soon thereafter, she decided to combine her love of helping people and passion for creating orderly, streamlined spaces and began working as a professional organizer in 2007. 

    Shortly after her move from the Big Apple to the Peach State in 2015, Brenda launched her company bNeat Organizing. Through her business Brenda provides residents of the Atlanta area state-of-the-art organizing techniques for helping them simplify and declutter their lives. 

    bNeat Organizing offers a wide array of services for keeping clients’ spaces neat and organized. Brenda has spent many years dedicating her time to helping her clients develop creative ways to keep their homes and offices organized. She has been a true asset to NAPO Georgia.

    When asked what she loves most about being an organizer, Brenda said, “I enjoy helping my clients define what being organized means to them and then teaching them how to maintain their new found lifestyle”

    If you are in need of a professional organizer like Brenda, please visit her website

  • May 14, 2021 6:52 AM | Carolyn Rogers (Administrator)

    Greater Atlanta Organizer

    NAPO Georgia member Shanon McAuliffe actively serves on the Board of Directors as the Director of Marketing. Over the years Shanon has been using her talents as a professional organizer across industries and continues seek advancement in her profession through her involvement with NAPO Ga.

    As a NAPO member Shanon has found that the organization fosters her interest in continuing to grow and learn as a professional organizer “The people I have met through the organization have helped me tremendously in growing my business.  They are very generous with tips and advice.”

    Before becoming a professional organizer in the Atlanta Metro area, Shanon’s work experience gave her the opportunity to hone her organizational skills. Personally, she has always enjoyed helping others get rid of their clutter and live a more organized lifestyle. From this experience and passion, she ventured into own professional organizing business, Purple Dragonfly, LLC.

    Her mission is to listen to her clients’ goals with compassion and understanding.  She knows that every situation is unique and different and welcomes each opportunity to help them solve their challenges and go from overwhelm to relief. 

    As an organizer, Shanon takes pride in helping others create peace and balance in their lives and acquire the life and home they desire. 

    “I take pleasure in helping my clients uncover the home and life they desire — compassionately, discreetly, and without judgement.  The feedback I get tells me I am doing it - I am fulfilling my purpose.”

    If you are in need of an organizer like Shanon or just want to know more about her services in the Greater Atlanta Metro area, feel free to visit her website and submit an inquiry. 

  • April 30, 2021 8:29 AM | Carolyn Rogers (Administrator)

    Greater Atlanta based professional organizing business

    Carolyn Rogers has been a NAPO Georgia member for 6 years and currently serves on the Board of Directors as Director of Communications and Technology. Carolyn has found her NAPO membership provides a tangible value to her career development as a professional organizer and fosters great relationships with professional organizing peers in the Atlanta area.

    Carolyn is the creator and proud owner of the Greater Atlanta based professional organizing business, Neat Nerd Solutions. She focuses on helping clients to organize and simplify their lives.  When it comes to lifestyles, Neat Nerd offers a wide range of professional organizing services to clients in the greater Atlanta area. If you are looking to have your closet cleaned out or start parking your car in the garage, give Carolyn and Neat Nerd a call. 

    While Carolyn was growing up, she learned early on that organization was something she not only loved but was exceptionally good at. Now she helps others stay organized by decluttering and destressing their lives.  Carolyn’s goal is to create a neat space where you can find all of your belongings and have time to relax and enjoy the more important things in your life. Neat Nerd works with both residential and business clients in the Greater Atlanta area. 

    Carolyn says, “Organizing is a lot like solving a puzzle and I actually find it relaxing.  I guess you can say I am a nerd who is fast becoming a geek about organizing.

    Visit Carolyn’swebsite to learn more about how she can help you embrace your neat side.

  • April 15, 2021 8:36 PM | Carolyn Rogers (Administrator)

    Relocation help in Atlanta

    NAPO Georgia member Laura June McDuffie has been actively involved with NAPO since 2015 and currently holds the position of Secretary. Her dedication to her work has been exemplary over the years and we are honored to have here as a NAPO member.

    Laura works as a Professional Organizer in the Atlanta area and is dedicated to helping others declutter and clean-up their space. Her primary focus is on residential organization and assisting individuals who are changing jobs and relocation to or from the Atlanta, Georgia area.

    As an organizer, Laura June has spent many years dedicating her time to helping others stay neat and organized, which led her to produce her own version of services @neatandorganized. 

    “My involvement in NAPO GA has provided more than just a professional network.” 

    Laura June said her motto is “Declutter, Simplify, Organize!" She genuinely enjoys helping others and wants to lend a hand in any way she can. If you or someone you know needs relocation help in Atlanta send them to Laura June. 

    If you are in need of an organizer like Laura June or just want to know more about her services in the Atlanta area, feel free to visit herFacebook page. She is also reachable via email at laurajunemcduffie@comcast.net

  • April 02, 2021 6:55 PM | Carolyn Rogers (Administrator)

    South Metro Atlanta professional organizer

    NAPO Georgia member Cheryl Jindra is on the Board of Directors and currently holds the Vice President position and will be taking over the President’s role later this spring. Cheryl’s service has been an incredible asset to the organization for the short time she has been a NAPO member. 

    Cheryl has a passion for organizing and is the proud owner of Smile in Your Space , a South Metro Atlanta professional organizing company. One of her lifelong goals is helping others acquire their ideal space. From downsizing to decluttering, Smile in Your Space will help you create a sense of calm, peace and tranquility in your home.

    When asked why she joined NAPO Georgia, Cheryl said, “I was so excited to find a group of people with the same passion for organizing and decluttering - it was the perfect fit for me!  I have met great people who have helped shape my business as I have grown as a Professional Organizer.”

    Cheryl plans to continue helping individuals and families in South Metro Atlanta find simple solutions to their personal and professional organizational needs. She uses her love for organization and decluttering to assist others in putting the smile back in their space.

    Visit Cheryl’swebsite and learn more about her and the services Smile in Your Space provides. Let Cheryl put a smile on your face by contacting her today. Cheryl provides her services to the South Metro Atlanta area and beyond and would be honored to serve you! Contact her today.
  • March 26, 2021 7:38 PM | Carolyn Rogers (Administrator)

    National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO) Georgia member Karen Leff has served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer since 2020. Her 14 years of experience includes financial and residential organizing for individuals, families, and small businesses.

    Karen also is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM). Her Atlanta-based organizing business — Leff Organizing — provides services focused on organizational strategies for improving her clients' quality of life. She serves clients across metro Atlanta, including Decatur, Buckhead, Druid Hills, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Brookhaven.

    Leff Organizing works with busy professionals, families, and adult children supporting older adults. She works compassionately with those dealing with life transitions.

    "I believe your home should be a sanctuary," says Karen. "It should be your calm, happy place of retreat. Disorder and clutter can keep you from enjoying your time at home and can keep you from taking part in fun activities with family and friends.”

    Whether you are facing life changes, moves, downsizing or just want your home to function better for you, Karen is here to help. Visit her website to learn how she can organize your life. 

  • March 17, 2021 9:00 AM | Carolyn Rogers (Administrator)

    Metro Atlanta Productivity Consultant and Professional Organizer

    NAPO Georgia member Ginger Willis has served on the Board of Directors for the past three years and currently holds the position of Chapter President. Her service to the chapter has been invaluable and we are honored to have her as an active member.

    Ginger is a Metro Atlanta Productivity Consultant and Professional Organizer. She is the proud business owner of Element of Fun Organizing and has been helping clients organize their personal and professional lives for 4 years.

    When asked why she decided to join NAPO Georgia, she said, “The first time I attended a NAPO Georgia meeting, I knew I’d found my people. My dream of becoming a Professional Organizer and business owner was validated when I saw so many amazing, intelligent people already doing what I aspired to.

    There is no doubt Ginger is passionate about all things organization. Her dedication to NAPO Georgia and her client work speaks volumes. In addition to being a businesswoman, Ginger is a wife, mom, fur mamma and volunteer. She uses her solution-based mindset to help others get organized and evolve into the best version of themselves. 

    Ginger’s professional organization journey began back in high school when she developed a passion for organization and productivity. She continued her path as a Project Manager in Hospitality Interior Design and held a position as an Office Manager before becoming an entrepreneur. She has additional skills in space planning, custom storage solutions, event and project planning, and staging. ​

    Visit Ginger's website and learn more about her and the services Element of Fun Organizing provides. Ginger will without a doubt bring an “element of fun” to your life! 

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