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Small Home Organization Projects to Tackle This Week!

April 08, 2022 12:58 PM | Anonymous

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to organizing your home. Looking at your home as several separate small organizationing projects helps you tackle and move forward on them more quickly! Instead of stressing out over the big picture, simplify it with small projects. When the “pictures” are done, you have one big, tidy masterpiece.

Here are six small organization projects to tackle this week:

1.Organize your coat closet

Work through your coat closet. Don’t start with your master bedroom or main clothing closets; start small. For most of us that is the coat closet, often overlooked and unorganized. Throw out trash, donate old shoes, coats, accessories hiding in there season after season untouched. You’ll be amazed at how it’s suddenly uncluttered.

2.Organize under your bathroom sink

Bathroom sinks also are often neglected, filled with spare hair curlers, unfolded towels, makeup bags, old makeup, old perfume bottles and colognes unused for years— sound familiar? Get started by taking everything out and organizing the items in usage by categories. Then put everything back and toss what you no longer need. Makeup in particular breeds bacteria when it ages - best to get rid of it.

Add storage bins and baskets under your sink to make use of the space. There are all kinds of options available like this one:

Small Home Organizing Projects

3.Organize your linen or towel closet

Take everything out, fold it and remove anything that does not belong there. Before putting it all back, make sure to toss and donate anything longer used. If you have old towels and blankets to discard, consider dropping them off at your local animal shelter

4. Make a DIY coffee station

If you need extra space for your cups and coffee essentials, make a coffee station! If you have an old table, make use of it again by transforming it. Or pick up something at a thrift store worth repurposing with a new coat of paint. Make it fun

5. Take on your junk drawer

We all have one—the infamous junk drawer. Some of us have more than one, no matter the case this is a great small organization project to take on and complete in a short amount of time. If it is just an empty drawer with all kinds of stuff consider buying a drawer organizer like this one:

Small Home Organizing Projects

6. Clean out your refrigerator and freezer

Just like all the other projects mentioned, the best way to start with this one is by emptying it out. Toss anything expired or untouched for months and place the items to keep on ice. When your refrigerator and freezer are empty, grab your strongest cleaner and spray it down. Let it sit for a few minutes then come back and scrub it with a sponge. Spray with cleaner again and wipe it down again. After this, wipe it down with a damp cloth to get rid of any leftover cleaning residue. When it is clean and ready to go, put everything back. While doing so make sure to find a place for everything, and group food and beverage types.

For more small organization projects and inspiration, check out this post by “How to nest for Less.”  These 15 ideas will definitely add to our six ideas provided here.


We hope these tips help you take on home organization tasks you may have been putting off. Check out our blogs Six Easy Steps to a Perfectly Organized Garage and 10 Mudroom Organization Tips for more organizational tips and suggestions! If you are in Georgia and in need of some professional organization help consider hiring a NAPO Georgia member.

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