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Understanding the Differences in Professional Organizers

January 28, 2022 2:00 PM | Anonymous

Professional organizers are great accountability partners when it comes to organizing and staying on top of your life.

“Hiring a professional organizer is a not so secret life hack.”

-       Carolyn Rogers, Neat Nerd Solutions

There are many different types of professional organizers out there, so it’s important to understand the differences in them. Then you will know who is best to hire for help when you are ready to get started.

It is important to know that all professional organizers are not the same. Like most industries, they specialize in the areas where they excel best. For example, you can have business organizers, home organizers, relocation professionals, and much more.

Here are some things the NAPO Georgia Professional Organizers specialize in:

Time Management

Tired of procrastinating and waiting until the last minute? Time management is crucial, and yet we still neglect it! Finding a professional organizer who can help with time management is the solution. Here are some NAPO Georgia members who focus on this area:

Linda Diamond, Captured Clutter Organizing Therapy, LLC
Diane Quintana, DNQ Solutions, LLC
Amy Shea, Campus Concierge Service
Lindsey Hardegree, Get Organized Y’all

Personal Documents Organization 

The clutter in your home or business is not limited to how you organize “stuff.” It also can require organizing your personal documents, such as how they relate to taxes, your personal finances, retirement, property and more. Organizing often is overwhelming and time consuming. Professional organizers help alleviate the stress and tackle this undertaking with you, expediting the process and making it go more smoothly. Here are some NAPO Georgia members who focus on this area:

Julie Bestry, Best Results Organizing
Michelle Cooper, Put It there and Student Organizers of Atlanta
Laura Marshall, Heart Happy Organizing
Vicky Tutterow, Vicky Tutterow Professional Organizing

Financial Organizing

If you struggle with the daily management of finances, there are organizers focus on financial organizing and daily money management.  Busy families, small business owners, seniors and people going through life changing circumstances such as divorce, death and health challenges often benefit the most from financial organizing.

A Financial organizer can help you get your personal papers, bills, insurance and finances in order as well as help to establish systems to maintain important information such as passwords, account numbers and emergency information. Some even work in collaboration with your professional accounting, financial or legal advisors to make sure any interactions can be efficiently managed.  Here are some NAPO Georgia members who focus on this area:

Lara Anderson, Leave It to Lara!
Adele Gross, Simple Solution Organizing
Karen Leff, Leff Organizing LLC
Mary Pradhan, Daily Matters Organizing

Business Organizing 

If you’ve been struggling with work, you can always hire someone to help with any problem areas you might have. Learn how to stay on top of tasks, deadlines, and meetings and how to prioritize the most important things in your life. You’ll feel less stressed and recharged when you work and be more productive. Here are some NAPO Georgia members who focus on this area:

Danielle Carney, Life Management
Kristin Diver, System Happy
Stephanie Peace, Organized Chick
Leslie Walden, It’s Time To Get Organized, LLC

Home Organization

This is what most consumers think of when you mention professional organizers. However, home organization is key to having a clean and positive living environment to come home to after a hard day. It’s even more important now that many work from home much, if not all, of the time. When working or trying to relax in a cluttered space, we feel cluttered and overwhelmed. It’s important to consider hiring a professional if you’re struggling to stay organized at home. Here are some NAPO Georgia members who focus on this area:

Jonda Beattie, Time Space Organization
Shanon McAuliffe, Purple Dragonfly, LLC
Nancy Meck, Meck Organizing
Tami Puckett, Mindful Redesign, LLC
Sandra Ragin, DeClutterstuff, LLC
Kara Rozell, More Breathing Room
Brenda Wagman, bNeat Organizing

Relocation and Moving

Whether relocating across the country or downsizing right here in Georgia, relocation and moving organizers are valuable assets to have during the process. They help pack, unpack, coordinate moves, declutter, organize closets, cupboards, and so much more. Here are some NAPO Georgia members who focus on this area:

Scott Johnson, Your Move Simplified
Heather Rogers, Simply Organized
Victoria Miller, Organized Solution of Atlanta

This is not an exhaustive list of what NAPO GA members specialize in but they are some of the most common needs of individuals needing a professional organizer's help.

I hope these professional organizing descriptions guide you toward the help and assistance you need. If you're looking for an Atlanta home organization professional, check out our Member Directory. If you are still unsure, feel free to Contact Us today and we can connect you with the right Georgia professional organizer in your area.

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